Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's alive!

Well, that is to say that I've been insanely busy and it's been hampering my reading/blogging time! However, I'm on break for a bit so I'll be playing the catch-up game--and thus, scheduling a lot of reviews--this week and hopefully diving back into the book blogging world! Also, the books are officially in the mail--will be e-mailing people as well today to let them know, just in case they don't see this!

The game plan is for me to have 3-5 reviews up a week and if all goes as planned, every Thursday I'll post up an Adult Fiction review (although this is probably not an "exactly every Thursday" thing as I don't read that much Adult Fiction). My first review of the week will probably be going up on Tuesday (although Monday is a possibility too) and hopefully I'll get back to memes on Wednesday (Waiting on Wednesday), Friday (Follow Friday--and I really need to comment more, I know), and Sunday (In My Mailbox).

That's all for now; happy reading everyone!

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