Current status: Accepting pitches.
Dear Author, Publisher, or Publicist, 

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog! I would be honored to review your book as long as it seems like something that I would enjoy and goes along with what I usually review on my blog. With that said, I will try to keep things to the point in my review policy as I do understand that you are very busy. If you would like to learn more about me, then I would direct you to my "About Me" page.

My blog focuses on Young Adult books. Because of this, I would like to ask that your book at least have crossover appeal. I do--on a case by case basis--also accept Middle Grade books and the occasional adult level book. I do not read non-fiction books nor poetry.

What genres do I read?
  • Dystopians (My current addiction--I can't get enough of them!)
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romance (either as a sub-plot or one that falls under a second genre as well--Paranormal Romance, etc.)
  • Mysteries*
  • Thrillers*
*Mysteries and Thrillers are on a case by case basis. I generally prefer is they overlap with one of the other genres that I enjoy reading.

When it comes to books in a series, please check with me to see if I've read the previous books. Not all the books that I've read appear on my blog (as I've been reading longer than I've been blogging). However, should it happen to be a series that I have not read and you are willing to send the previous books in the series, I have no problem reading and reviewing all of the books thus far in the series in order, with the latest book's review to be posted on its release date or the week of its release.

The formats that I accept are ARCs/galleys and finished copies. I do also accept e-ARCs and e-galleys on a case by case basis and ask that they be compatible with the Kindle. However, please pitch the book to me first, don't just send me one automatically. I do understand that ARCs are to be treasured and I would never sell an ARC given to me; all books that I receive remain on my shelves after I read them and are handled gently. Should I be sent a second copy, I will let you know and if it is your wish, I will host a giveaway for it.

I prefer to receive books at least a month ahead of their publication date (unless it's already been released, then anytime is fine); however, I am flexible about this. The only reason why I ask to receive them a month in advance is because I want to make sure that I have enough time to read your book, write my review, edit it, and schedule it for the week of its release. I always try to schedule my reviews for the week of their release although should you wish for me to post my review sooner, please let me know in the initial e-mail. Unless I did not finish your book, my review will go up within the first month of its publication. If for some reason I could not finish your book, I will let you know. If you want me to pass the book that I couldn't finish along to another blogger, please let me know and I'd be happy to host a giveaway for your book.

Generally, it takes me anywhere from a day to four days to read and review a book although it can take me up to a week to read a book, depending on how busy I am. I promise that I will always post my honest opinion and that I will not bash a book. If there was something that I did not like, I will explain why I didn't like it in a constructive manner. This does mean that I post both positive and negative reviews. In addition to posting my reviews on my blog, I also post them on Goodreads as well as Amazon. I also link my reviews via my Twitter account and the Book Blogs ning group.

Lastly, I do accept self published and independently published books. However, please understand that I am extremely picky about what I accept when it comes to such books.

If you have any other questions, would like for me to review your book, host a giveaway, participate in a blog tour, etc. please feel free to contact me at: theshybookworm(at)yahoo(dot)com

If I do not reply to your e-mail, unfortunately, it is probably because I am declining your request.  And with that, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review policy.

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