Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Partials by Dan Wells

Kira Walker lives in a world where there's a one in twenty-five thousand chance that your child will be born with immunity to the RM virus which has been decimated their population; and with the Hope Act, every eighteen year old female is expected to do her duty and become pregnant as soon as possible in the hopes of keeping mankind from becoming completely extinct. But the babies? They live a total of three days and as an intern in the maternity ward, Kira can't stand to watch the same thing happen again and again.

But what if the Partials hold the key to curing RM? It's the one possibility that no one has ever explored before and although everyone else tells Kira that she's insane for even suggesting it, she intends to do the impossible (and find a Partial for the sake of her research).

I really love the idea behind Partials and I should probably explain what I mean, yes? Mankind's numbers are dwindling and I do mean dwindling. The youngest child on Long Island? He's fourteen years old. Although the hospital is always doing research in the hopes of finding a cure, they've been coming up with nothing. I really do want to tell you about the Partials, but I think that learning about them while reading Partials is a part of the fun. Essentially they're biological machines, soldiers that ParaGen created to fight mankind's battles and that's precisely why the humans have been sticking to Long Island--the Partials (as far as I can tell) are based throughout the rest of the States.

Asides from Kira, I really liked Marcus' character and I'd say that it's mainly because he's funny plus he's patient with Kira--even though he doesn't always agree with what she does. Jayden definitely grew on me too--although he does start off as somewhat of a prick. He's a Defense Grid soldier and he accompanies Kira on her suicide mission. Then there's Xochi who collects mp3 players, wears all black, is an amazing cook, and is like a sister to Kira. I think she's definitely my favorite minor character in Partials.

Partials is definitely more action than romance which definitely works and ultimately, it's a nice change. You'll definitely learn a lot about the world that Dan Wells has created and hopefully you'll love it as much as I did! It felt like the plot did drag every now and then, but ultimately it's not a book that I put down--at least not until I'd finished it. Would I recommend it to you? If you like a healthy helping of adventure, definitely. Kira's not a girl who will let the Senate rule her life, that's for sure!

Overall Rating: ★★★★ and a half.

Partials by Dan Wells
Publisher: Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins.
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Edition: ARC
* Received for review via publisher.

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  1. I left a comment, but an error appeared and I don't think it posted. Here I go again:

    I felt the same way about this book. I'm a romance girl, but loved that the focus was on the action. It worked so well for Partials! I loved the idea behind it, too. I also loved that it was mostly focused on the science part. Dystopian is a subgenre of science fiction, yet a lot of YA dystopians don't focus on the science! Partials is just a fantastic book.

    Ashelynn @ Gypsy Book Reviews.


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