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Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

Sometimes It Happens
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Publisher: Simon Pulse (a part of Simon & Schuster)
Release Date: July 12, 2011
Edition: e-ARC
* Received for review through Simon & Schuster Galley Grab

Summary from GoodReads:
On the last day of her junior year, Hannah's boyfriend Sebastian dumped her. Facing a summer of loneliness, Hannah turns to her best friend Ava for comfort. Ava does what BFFs do: she stays by Hannah's side...until it's time for Ava to head up to Maine for the summer. Also left behind is Ava's boyfriend, Noah, who's such a great guy he gets Hannah a job at the diner he waits tables at. Slowly, Hannah comes out of her funk thanks to Noah's good conversation and their fun times at the diner. But things get complicated when their friendship turns into attraction--and one night, into a passionate kiss.

The novel opens on the first day of senior year; the day Hannah is going to see Ava, Sebastian, and Noah all in one place. Over the course of the day secrets and betrayals are revealed, and alliances are broken and reformed. In the end, everyone is paired up once again, but not the way you might think.

My Thoughts

The first day of Hannah's senior year is not turning out the way that she expected it to. Her ex-boyfriend Sebastian still misses her (and wants to talk), her best friend Ava has changed, and Hannah's friendly relationship with Noah is on the brink of change. High school drama, Sometimes It Happens has it.

To be honest, I almost wish that Sometimes It Happens had begun with the summer and just continued straight on to their senior year instead of jumping back and forth. It's not that it doesn't work--the way that it was written--but that you sort of gain the information (of things that transpired over the summer) second hand and then learn about it first hand afterwards.

Hannah is an emotional wreck after things end with Sebastian, leaving Ava and her boyfriend Noah to pick up the pieces and by emotional wreck, I mean she's gone on a snack attack (lots of snacking) and cries... a lot. Don't get me wrong, I understand it well enough. Who wouldn't be distraught after all that? Next there's Ava who I really didn't like. She's Hannah's best friend, but she left Hannah with Noah for the summer when she ran off to Maine to take a job as a summer camp counselor. More importantly, she's just really not a nice person--and it felt like she believes that the world revolved around her. Lacey sort of takes over for Ava--as Hannah's best friend--and she's got her own set of issues going on. Namely, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with another girl and that girl really, really wants to talk to Lacey about it. However, Lacey doesn't want to talk to her. Have I mentioned that Lacey germaphobe and almost always believes that there's something wrong with herself? Hannah really makes some interesting friends.

I really don't know what to say about Sebastian. Yes, his role was important, but I feel that we really don't learn much about him--or certainly not when compared to Noah. Ah, yes, Noah. Wait, I really can't say much of anything about him to you. Why? Er, because if I did, I'd be giving you spoilers. Don't worry, if you read Sometimes It Happens, you'll find out in a hurry what I mean. Let's just say that I think he's a great guy.

Overall, I feel that Hannah did too much moping throughout Sometimes It Happens and well, it felt a bit slow to me at times. If you like high school dramas and can deal with some crazy friends--and like the sound of the plot, then I'd suggest that you try reading it. To be honest, Sometimes It Happens didn't live up to my hopes, but the premise was good and I did like it; just not quite as much as I thought that I would.

Overall Rating: ★★

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