Monday, November 8, 2010

Eep! (The Week of Running Around)

Alas, this isn't a book review--although I'm just about done with City of Ashes, so you can probably expect that up no later than Tuesday--but it is somewhat book related.

This coming Friday Lauren Kate will be in my hometown signing her books and discussing Torment! So, I'm sort of flipping out right now because I have never been to a book signing before--and well, it'll be interesting. Did I mention that I haven't picked up a copy of Torment yet? Truth be told, I heard about the signing and I've been forcing myself to not buy a copy yet. So hopefully everything works out and then there will be a post about the signing either Friday night or Saturday afternoon--though don't quote me on that, sometimes my weekends end up being wonky and my 'should be posting' time goes up in smoke. I really should pick up a copy of Fallen too since the one I read was actually a friend's.

Anyways! Tiny paragraph above is my woe of the week--last week's was my NaNoWriMo plot (which has been torn to shreds and rebuilt). So my question to you, dear reader, is this: have you ever attended a book signing (oh my goodness, I keep wanting to type 'singing')? Did you buy your copy there, bring it from home, or do both (bring perhaps an older title from home and bought the newest one from the bookstore, etc.)? Also, my real question would have to be: if you bought your book there, did you do it before the signing or did you pay for it after the signing?

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