Sunday, December 9, 2012

Greetings, peasants! It is I, GIANNE!

Heeeeey, I'm Gianne! I shall be co-blogging here with Kristin heeere. :3


 Anyways, a couple of you may know me as my alias, Gianna, on Twitter or at Books to Infinity. 

So, I removed my awkward self picture from earlier.
Now, it's your cue to go in: "WAIT. You have your own blog? WHY ARE YOU HERE GET OUT OMG" And yes, while that is true, I personally feel it's just really awkward to do inconsistent posting on my blog and for some reason, just looking at it makes me stressed ouuuuttt. (Don't judge me. o_e)  BUT, I still want to blog!

So, Kristin, that super lovable amazing woman, graced me with permission to post the reviews I can get in and possibly do dual reviews/memes with her! Of course, I'm swamped with insane amounts of schoolwork (WHY DID I TAKE AP WHY WHY WHY) but she's the head honcho of this blog, and she's good on consistently posting. :D

I'm still working out the kinks from my old blog, but I've officially decided to go collab style with Kristin here. <3


  • I read trashy (and not so trashy) romance novels and young adult.
  • I watch anime like there is no tomorrow. Literally. I even watch anime when I'm eating at a restaurant. ;D
  • I've given up on reading manga online because it just hurts my heart to wait months on end for a SINGLE chapter update.
  • I would like to think I'm pretty friendly.
  • I tend to use smileys when I talk on Twitter, but I keep it professional like a boss during blogging.
  • I've been blogging since about 2009. (I've been inconsistent about where I blog, GAH. It still weirds me out to think I have ARCs from '09.)
  • I'm a STUDENT! Learning, learning, dying, learning, sleeping, eating, daydreaming is what I do everyday in class.
  • I LOVE fashion and makeup. Polyvore and other shopping websites are usually places where I lurk.
  • I think I'm pretty weird. No, wait. I KNOW I'm weird. And very chatty. 
  • I'm Asian, whatttuuup?
  • OH YEAH, I also like to draw. Like, a LOTTT. <3 <3 <3 So, I'll manage to incorporate my drawings into my posts here and there. :3 (Rather out-dated) example below~
I look forward to posting on this loooovely blog o'er here and especially with my main squeeze, Kristin! <3 


  1. SQUEEEEE. <3 <3 <3 I'm so happy that you have decided what to do with your blogging career-- to continue! While I will miss Books To Infinity, I'll definitely still be stalking you, just on this blog! Welcome back, Gianne. <3

    1. OH HEEEYYY, Jen. :D :D :D

      Leaving Books to Infinity was a really tough decision on my part, but it was time for a new change of pace. :)

      ERMAHGERRSH, I'M GOING TO STALK YOU TONS NOW. This co-blogging thing seems so uplifting on my stressed, blogging heart! :D :D

  2. Welcome--officially! :D So happy to have you join me, Gianne!


  3. Welcome! :D I can't wait to read your reviews combined with Kristin.


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