Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions: How has the job changed your reading habits?

Book Blogger Confessions is new meme, hosted twice a month by All-Consuming Books and For What It's Worth. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Held every first and third Monday of the month, this week's question is:
How has the "job" of book blogging changed your reading habits? Both pros and cons. 

Before I started book blogging, I used to read the last paragraph of each book I happened to be reading first. I guess I figured that it ensured that I wouldn't be devastated if the ending was horrible or maybe so that I knew if I had to buy the next book immediately. However, once I started book blogging, I stopped. Why? Because it wasn't a way to figure out if I liked the writing style or not--that's easily enough achieved by reading the first chapter or two of a book--and quite frankly, I want to be surprised when I read.

There's no longer any "blind" bookstore runs. By this, I mean to say that I never go into a bookstore without a game plan. After I started blogging, I knew exactly what was coming out each week and in an effort to keep up with releases, I do tend to put newer releases higher up my "to buy" list. Other bloggers have also impacted what I buy--as I'm much more likely to buy books that come recommended by bloggers that have similar tastes.

Book blogging can make the wait between books feel even longer--as do killer cliffhangers! I've also found myself taking notes while I'm reading as well so that when it comes to writing my reviews, my first hand impressions are already written down (and if it takes me a while to write the review, I'll still know exactly how I felt reading it the first time). However, I find that writing my review immediately after finishing a book is the best way to keep my first impressions fresh.

Perhaps most importantly, I've found myself reading more frequently thanks to book blogging. Now--when I have a bit of spare time--you can usually find me reading (or blogging) and I'm usually plotting out in my head which reviews need to go up when as well as which books I need to read and review so that their reviews will go up during their first week of publication. It's also made me much more aware of publishing companies and as such, where my favorites tend to come from.


  1. I'm one of those "read the last part first" people. And I have noticed I don't do that as much anymore either. Which can be a real "eek!" moment if a book ends on a huge cliffhanger (which can actually really irritate me sometimes.) I also agree with you about having a plan when I buy books. I prefer it that way. But I find my eyes are bigger then my stomach -- I buy way more then I can read.

  2. I find the opposite with me. I read the end of the book first more now so that I can move on if it's not going to be something I enjoy.
    That's a horrible way to pick a book! lol But I feel like I only have so much time to read now and all these reviews to write. That's the downside but like you said the incredible books I've discovered have made it worth it.
    Thank you for joining our meme!!!

  3. Same here, I also started making a list of book releases that I had to absolutely buy each month. And I also write up a review right after I finish a book, because as you said, it keeps it fresh in your mind.

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  4. Great answers!
    I also write my reviews right away. I feel that if I have my thoughts fresh in my mind, it's so much easier.
    I laughed when I read your point about the "blind bookstore run"! I used to just get a book based on the blurb and hope for the best. It worked out a lot, but I have much better luck now.
    Good luck w/blogging in 2012!

  5. You are very brave! I'm too scared to read the last page of the book first. When I check to see how many pages a book has, I'm careful not even to look at the last page in case a word jumps out at me. I want to be completely surprised. And if I knew how it ended, I might not care to take the journey and wouldn't read the book.

    Honestly, I've never thought to stay on top of new releases. I know what books I want to read and when they come out, but I don't track all new releases. I'm usually on the library queue for books I want to read long before they come out. I just can't afford to buy all the books I want to read!

    Do you ever miss browsing a bookstore just for fun? Without having a game plan?

    Here’s my Book Blogger Confession

  6. That's a wonderful change! I love being surprised by the ending too. It's way more fun to get to that "AHHH That's it!? I have to wait now?" moment after an amazing book.

  7. I occasionally used to skip to the end of the book if the book I was reading was losing my interest. It was a way to try and make myself interested again so I could continue.

    I think about 90% of my book choices now depend on book bloggers. They're an endless source of reading inspiration.

    Admittedly, I don't do the note thing. I make mental notes, but I think that if a point really is important enough, I'll remember it.

  8. My mind is blown when I learn that people read the last paragraph first! I always wonder how people got into the habit. And, I always wonder how many great books people put down because the last paragraph wasn't appealing enough. Then again, I wonder how many cruddy books people put down because the last paragraph really is a good reflection of how cruddy the book is. Huh...

    As much as book bloggers have influenced my book purchases, I still do blind bookstore runs. Maybe I'll pick up one or two new releases I've heard about. But, most of the time I come away with books I've never heard of or I come away with books that I meant to read five years ago but never got around to doing.

    - Jackie

  9. I also take notes but find that if I sit down to write my review within a few hours of finishing a book my reveiw will almost write itself.

    I laughed when I read about your book buying "game plan" because I do the same thing!

    Bonnie @ Hands and Home
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  10. Oh can so relate to going to book store with a plan :)

  11. Yep, the bookstore game plan is one of the first new changes to kick in for a blogger. I used to browse the shelves for hours, just picking up whatever appealed, then all of a sudden I knew that fresh books released on Tuesdays, and I memorized my fav authors release schedules. :-)


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