Thursday, December 2, 2010

Huh? A Blog Award?

So, if I'm perfectly honest, this is probably the only time that you'll see me do an award post like this. Why? Er, because honestly, I feel terrible for not having the time to go through and give them the attention that they deserve--also, I'm so darn shy that I don't like to post award stuffs on other blogs. But a huge thank you to Miranda of My Eclectic Bookshelf and Greyz of Clandestine Sanctuary!

Also, I feel the need to mention that if I follow your blog, I do read your blog posts--via Google Reader. Then when I find something I want to comment on, I star the entry (via Google Reader) so that when I get to my computer, I can go comment! :D Honestly though, the week has been insanely busy and the giveaway that was supposed to go up on Tuesday? Yeah, it's going up on Friday along with a mini-review of the book that I'm giving away.

Anyways, you'll be getting seven facts about me and well, honestly there's just so many great new and old bloggers that I don't think I could come up with fifteen as the list would never get completed. D:

1. When I'm reading a hardcover, I always take off the dust jacket and then put it back on once I'm done with the book. Honestly, they drive me crazy when they're crooked (the dust jacket).
2. I am a very quiet person. Wait, what? Yes, on a day to day basis when I'm away from the blog, I am quiet. There are reasons why I'm the listener amongst my friends and although they (the reasons) are many, the level of quietness sits at the top of the list.
3. In high school, I was a choir kid, I played Dungeons & Dragons, I hung around the band geeks, I took dance (for the record, I really can't dance), I joined Army JROTC (for my senior year of high school), I was hardcore about anime, I was on an airsoft team (Team STRIFE--no, I don't remember what it stands for D:) and I played insane amounts of Dance Dance Revolution as well as Final Fantasy.
4. You can tell how much I'm enjoying a book based on how far I'm actually into the book and well, when I'm really into a book, I don't do a ton of blinking.
5. There are a few times where I think about getting an e-reader, only to quickly talk myself out of it as there are still certain books that I'd rather have in their physical form than their electronic form. Granted, I may very well break down and buy an e-reader anyways as it would be mighty handy for times when I have to travel and/or times where having a book in my purse would be cumbersome.
6. It's not uncommon for me to ramble--like I have been doing in this post.
7. My guilty pleasures? Watching Gossip Girl and Doctor Who. Actually, I watch large amounts of BBC America in general. Seriously, one of my friends believes it has affected they way that I speak--not that I consider this to be a bad thing.

And there, is there are the seven--rather lengthy--facts about yours truly! As it's four in the morning as I finish this, I'm off to catch up on some much needed sleep and then hopefully hunt down a copy of Anna and the French Kiss today as well as pick up a copy of Matched.


  1. Dust jackets always bothered me too.

  2. Hurray for your award! Congrats! Neat facts too. I'm a big rambler as well...It's a curse that affects everyone else mostly. ;)

  3. @Katie;
    I'm always glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets bothered by dust covers! xD

    Thank you! :D And hurrah for ramblers!

    Thanks! :3

  4. I always take the dust jackets off too while I read. :) They slip and move around, I'm afraid I will tear them.


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