Sunday, October 10, 2010

new beginnings

It seems like an oddly fitting title--at least I think so. With twenty-one just six days away, I feel like it's time to do something different and well, I've always meant to make a blog. Chances are, it will be filled with things like mail, books, and random bits and pieces that have randomly come to mind. Ah, and that which is National Novel Writing Month--which will undoubtedly be filled with plotting woes. As it is, I adore any reason to write fiction and it is my ultimate goal in life to write a book and manage to get it published. Alongside that is my love of books. For as long as I can remember (quite literally) I have loved to read and as a child, I would often walk out of the library with a stack of books the length of my little arm. From there, I moved onto bookstores and developed my taste in books until it became what it is now--a mix of paranormal, romance, historical, mysteries, and general fiction. I must admit though, I still struggle to read from a male's point of view unless of course, the plot keeps me glued to the book in which case, it's hardly a problem at all.

With that said, I believe that concludes my first post. It is rather plain though, isn't it?
I need to take my camera out more often.


  1. Welcome Kristin! And thanks for following! I look forward to your posts :)

  2. Welcome Kristin :D !
    I've just discovered your blog and I like it, it's a great beginning !!
    By the way we've some things in common : I'm also an English Literature Major but I study in France :). I'm now your new follower (ifmary) :D !

  3. Welcome Kristin and happy to have another book lover join us in Bibliophile land!

    I will follow on my RSS feed to see what you post about, have fun and happy reading!

    jackie ^_^


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